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Data Enrichment

If you only have 5 minutes:

  • If you think a service is unfairly excluding you or stereotyping you, request details via a Data Request
  • If you are receiving content from a service then check your preferences with that service and unsubscribe if need be
  • Always remember it is your data and it is your right to withdraw it at any point


What is… data enrichment?

Data enrichment is a a legitimate practice whereby businesses add additional, relevant and exclusive data to a person they already have a data profile on. They do so for marketing campaign targeting to make it more likely that you will respond, whether that is to mail or a Facebook post.

Types of enrichment include your interests and buying habits, lifestyle and income based on postcode data, and adding ‘offline’ data to ‘online’ data, for example adding health data to that from your Facebook profile.

How can users prevent issues with data enrichment?

Any user of a service can start a data request from a business. it is your legal right. This asks the service what data they hold on you and what they are doing with it.

What should you expect of businesses and services undertaking data enrichment?

You should expect any services you are using to explain to you what they are doing with your data at all times, to not stereotype you and to not restrict your freedom to choose. For example, they should not predict your ethnicity from your postcode and they should not predict your income from your educational