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Spam Bots

If you only have 5 minutes:

  • Be aware, if you get emails in your in-box that bounce back when you try and send them, someone might be using your address to send spam
  • If friends on social media are saying you are sending them odd messages, your profile could be being used to send spam
  • If you suspect anything, change your password(s) and scan any devices, as spam can install rogue software


What are… spam bots?

A spam bot is an app designed to assist in the sending of spam. Spam bots usually create accounts and send spam messages with them. Spam messages are unsolicited junk emails that contain malicious links.

Spam tip: why are lots of spam message badly spelt and full of odd fonts and colours? Because the spam bots sending them are looking to fool people. If you are easily fooled you are more likely to click on a poorly-constructed email and not think about the consequences. Be aware though, spam also comes in very accurate and detailed messages that look identical to messages from large corporations and popular apps – this type of spam is particularly dangerous.

If you think your email or messaging service is being used to send spam, you should change your email service password and scan your computer for malware and viruses.

Signs you are sending spam are: lots of bounced emails in your inbox, replies on social media referencing emails you never sent, regular emails not being received or bouncing as your email address has been blacklisted by a business or service.