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Your reports

Anyone that registers gets a free report telling them about personal data breaches associated with their email address. We also include a diagnostic about the types of breaches that your personal data has been involved in.

Any user can access our support pages for advice on securing your devices, services and passwords, including the latest updates on data breaches.

Subscribers also receive:

  • A detailed breach report including:

    • All breaches and location of your data
    • Types of data contained in breaches e.g. gender, location, phone, credit cards, payments and passwords. These are just a few examples of the multiple personal data breach contents.
    • Leaked data that you could be a part of without knowing, e.g. when a breach has not been announced but a company is losing your data.
    • Other relevant information about your personal data loss.


  • The capability to request details of what personal data they have, and how they are using it, from any company. We administer this service for you.


  • Access to evidence pack support and materials.